SKulpt Zirconia: SKulpt Dental Zirconia is ideal for the full spectrum of dental restorations. Full Contour, Copings & Frameworks. SKulpt Zirconia has the strength of a monolithic crown and is virtually fracture proof (1100 MPa).

Provides a predictable result with great esthetics for your patients.

SKulpt Super Translucent Zirconia: SKulpt Super Translucent Zirconia has unparalleled translucency that mimic natural teeth but still has the strength that is two times that of emax at (769 MPa). Suitable for bridges up to 3 units with the convenience of conventional cementation.

This is the latest material in the dental industry. Take your zirconia restorations to the next level.

SKulpt CAD Temporaries: We offer high quality provisionals that are computer designed to provide your patients with the temporary smile they deserve.

Gold Restorations: SKulpt Dental Studio offers you the long lasting classic restoration. 100 % computer designed so you can be assured the fit and quality for years to come.

Implants: We work with several manufactures to provide you with the latest in implants. We can use a variety of materials to ensure that you are using the best option for your patients.

PFM Porcelain Fused to Metal: At SKulpt Dental Studio we still provide the classic restoration.

Computer designed frameworks that are then manufactured by SLM ( Selective Laser Melting) for a better fit with consistent results. The frames are then layered by our master technicians for a quality result.